Math Genie Summer Contest Winners

Posted by Math Genie Staff on June 22, 2020

math-genie-summer-contest-winnersWe held several contests these past two months. Check out all the winners:

June 27 Math Contest Winners

Pre-K Through Grade 2

Winner: Prisha C.

Second Place: Aanya N.

Third Place: Linga N.

Grade 3-4

Winner: Rishabh S.

Second Place: Adam S.

Third Place: Nikhil G.

Grade 5+

Winner: Justin T.

Second Place: Rishona A.

Third Place: Surya B.

June 20th Creative Writing Race Winners

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Winner: Sevina Desai

Grade One

Winner: Prisha Chatterjee

Grade Two

Winner: Krishiv Khandewal

Grade Three

Winner: Nikhil Gowda

Grade Four

Winner: Brody Chong

Grade Five

Winner: Sanjana Suresh

Grades 6-7

Winner: Tyler Chin

June 13th Math Race Winners

Pre-K through First Grade:

Winner: Aanya Negi

Honorable Mentions: Harshika S.,  Prisha C., and Hitaarthee J. 

Grades 2-3

Winner: Meryl Patel

Honorable Mentions: Rikhil A., Annika S.

Grades 4-5

Winner: Rishabh Shrestha

Honorable Mentions: Nikhil G.

Grades 6-8

Winner: Brandon Trivino

Honorable Mentions: Anish E.  and Justin T. 

June 6th Coding Contest Winners

1st Place: Charlie

2nd Place: Noelle 

3rd Place: Sririagavi 

May 30th Reading Contest Winners

Pre-K - First Grade: 

Winners: Jaini & Harshika

Honorable mentions go to Shalini, Aniera A., Akshara S., and Prisha.

Grades 2-3:

Winner: Meghana

Honorable mentions go to Meryl & Akhil

Grades 4-5: 

Winner: Nysa

Honorable mentions go to Sanjana & Ashritha

Grades 6-8: 

Winner: Noelle

Honorable mentions go to Brandon Trivino and Tyler C.

May 16th Reading Contest Winners 

Pre-K through Kindergarten: Samanvay Krishnamoorthy and Nicholas Yan (100%)

Grade 1: Harshika Santhimurthy (100%)

Grades 2-3: Meghana Indupuru (96%)

Grades 4-5: Vibhor Kumar (96%)

Grades 6-8:  Justin Trivino (94%)

May 2nd Reading Contest Winners 

Kindergarten through Grade 1

Sevina D., Jaini S., Harshika S.

Grades 2-3

Angela W.

Grades 4-7

Brody C.

Total Contest Points

Winners aren't the only students to gain from these competitions. Students gained 10 points for participating in each contest, +5 extra for placing in the top few of their group or +15 extra for winning. Here are our students with the most total points:

Justin Trivino 115 points
Harshika Santhimurthy 110 points
Prisha Chatterjee 105 points
Noelle Chong 105 Points
Sevina Desai 95 Points
Brody Chong 95 points
Brandon Trivino 95 Points
Jaini Shah 90 Points

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