Math Genie’s Halloween Contest  First Place Winners of Central New Jersey!

Posted by Sarah Rutzler on November 03, 2017

Math Genie centers across central New Jersey conducted a Halloween Costume Contest that went on from October 24th-31st. After looking at countless creative and spooky costumes, each center came to an ultimate decision of the first place winners. 

Here are the four different Math Genie locations and their first place winner.


East Brunswick                                                                               North Brunswick

Nicholas: Jack in the box                                                             Rachit: Policeman

East Brunswick Math Genie 1st place winner                                                         North Brunswick 1st place winner.jpg     

South Plainfield                                                                             Marlboro

Dara:   Wicked Witch                                                                    Alex: Boy riding a dinosaur

South Plainfield Math Genie 1st place winner.jpg                                               Marlboro Math Genie 1st place winner.jpg

Everyone’s costumes were by far amazing! We hope the parents and children enjoyed the experience and we look forward to seeing more awesome costumes next year.

Want to see all of the awesome 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each center? Click the links below!

East Brunswick Halloween Winners:

North Brunswick Halloween Winners:

South Plainfield Halloween Winners:

Marlboro Halloween Winners:



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