Math in the Kitchen - Why Math Skills are Invaluable

Posted by Tiara Swinson on August 30, 2018

learn math and learn how to cook!Teaching your kids math is one of the most important things you can do to help your kids succeed. However, what you will find is you can help your kids learn math and a useful life skill at the same time and that is by having them help you cook! Yes, you read that right cooking and working with your kids in the kitchen is able to help them learn a skill and reinforce their math skills, here is exactly how this is going to help you and your kids out. 


Measurements are key to cooking and when you are baking an incorrect measurement can ruin your cooking. When you are cooking with your kids you will find that you are going to be using fractional measurements in most cases. When you go to double the recipe to make even more food, you will need to double the fractions and this is going to reinforce the fractional math and even multiplying or in some cases dividing the fractions if you have a recipe you need to cut in half. 


With some of the recipes, you will find they are going to be in completely different measurements than what you are used to seeing and using. For example, some of the recipes are going to use some of the European measurement systems where you have to use grams, instead of pounds and ounces. This means you will have to reinforce your kids to use Algebra skills and that is finding the missing factor, which is the amount they are going to need to use. So you will find that you are going to need to teach your kids how to do the conversions and find the unknown variables.


The timing issue is definitely something that you are going to want to teach your kids as well. This is going to teach your kids how to tell time better, but also makes it easier for you to let your kids figure out how to tell time and make plans. The planning part comes from the fact that you are going to need to teach the kids how to tell time and plan when everything is going to be done, so the entire meal comes together at one time.

Teaching your kids math is very easy to do if you know the impact that cooking can make on the learning process. Once you see how cooking is going to help you teach your kids math, it will definitely be a skill you will want to teach your kids cooking and know that you are going to help them learn a life skill while reinforcing math at the same time.

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