Memory Books for Children will Sharpen their Focus

Posted by Sarah Rutzler on April 07, 2017

reading books will improve your childs memory in their learning process

Let’s sharpen that mind and focus!

Are your children becoming more forgetful? Maybe it’s because they're wrapped up in the latest video game, binge watching shows on Netflix, or too busy surfing the web double tapping and hitting “like” on social media sites. Whichever it is that’s distracting your child’s brain and making them become less sharp and focused, there’s a solution to this problem. I know you’re probably thinking “I could just have my kids disengage from the use of electronics and technology,” but let’s be real for a second; that isn’t happening. It’s 2017 and technology is a HUGE part of a child’s life, so they’re not going to let go of it easily.

Memory books are a solution that benefits you, the parent, and your children. First, let me start off by explaining what exactly “memory” is.

Although there a three different types of memories; sensory, short-term, and long-term, we are going to focus on the core definition of memory. Memory is the ability to encode, collect, preserve, and recall information about past experiences or situations. Basically, memory is what we remember. It can be facts, events, skills, past experiences, or even our own natural/ daily habits, such as your daily routine in the morning.

With this being said, you want to make sure your child’s wits, memory, and focus are as sharp as a blade! Memory books can help your child improve and maintain these qualities.

In an article on Multipoltens, which is a website that focuses on ways to enhance and improve the brain, they posted an article about the 20 best memory improvement books for your brain. Not only are these books beneficial for children, but adolescents and adults can enjoy them too!

Here are the top 3 books:

  1. Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer.


This book is about Joshua Foer and his journey to how he won the U.S. Memory Championship after a year of memory training. Foer discusses his journey and how he accomplished such an achievement. He tells us about the different techniques he acquired, introduces us to people with incredible memories, shows us various ways we can test our memories, and discusses ways on how we can improve ourselves mentally and physically so that we have better memories.

What you will gain from this book:

  • How to use memory techniques
  • Opens your mind to what your brain is actually capable of
  • Memory techniques from ancient times.


  1. The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas


This book is about the ways you can improve your memory from the use of memory techniques. He discusses how you can become more effective and powerful at work, school, and play by following his memory exercises.

What you will gain from this book:

  • Memory techniques and principles
  • Challenging, but beneficial practice exercises
  • The authors personal experiences


  1. Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory by Neal D. Barnard


This book is about how certain foods can protect your brain and strengthen your memory. Barnard discusses ways to improve and maintain your brains health. He does this by suggesting a specific diet that includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, and grains.

What you will gain from this book:

  • Diet/menu plan to help increase mental function
  • Specific foods that effect your memory negatively
  • Research on toxic metals that we use/ drink from daily


Besides these three books, there are 17 more books on how to boost your memory on their website. To learn more about what books you and your children should read to help sharpen your memory, click the link below!


            Reading is important and reading books about how to improve your mind and body are extremely useful for your years to come.


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