You Can Code Too! Parents Should Learn Computer Coding

Posted by Tiara Swinson on August 21, 2018

The reason why parents should learn computer coding for their childrenComputers are becoming an increasingly prominent part of society, and as they do, they become increasingly prominent in the lives of children. Known as "digital natives," children in our technological society grow up surrounded by computers, coding, and the internet.

The Benefit of Coding Skills for Children

Computer literacy, computer science, and computer coding and programming are increasingly taught in schools as their importance in the job market increases. Yet parents who didn't grow up with computers might find themselves falling behind or unable to assist their children in learning how to code. How can you help your children keep up in the field of coding?

Parents Should be Involved in Their Child's Education

Parent involvement in education has a profound impact on children no matter what area of education parents participate in. Computer coding is no different. Children whose parents are involved in their education and their personal lives have better grades, better attendance, and better behavior and social skills. Parents who want to prepare their children for success later in life and develop better relationships with their children should always involve themselves in their child's education.

How Parents Can Learn to Code

Learning a new skill, especially a completely foreign one such as coding, can be a challenging and time-consuming process. For parents learning code with their children, consider the following strategies for advancement:

  • Stick to a consistent schedule. Studies show that practicing a new skill regularly improves retention and skill level.
  • Be flexible. You have a child! Though scheduling is important, sometimes things come up when you have children, and parents need to be ready to attend to those first and foremost.
  • Code often and in short bursts. Practicing code daily can improve skill level rapidly, but it's important not to spend too long on it every day and risk burning yourself out or neglecting any other responsibilities.
  • Use your child as a motivator. Whenever you hit a wall, think about who you're doing it for! You're learning a new skill, not just for yourself, but to set your child up later on in live and build your relationship with them.

By sticking to a schedule and working within any personal and familial limitations, parents can learn to code and provide a better education for their child.

Learning code can be a huge endeavor, not just for parents and adults, but for children too. Help set your children up for success by teaching them how to code and involving yourself in their education. Need a little extra help? Contact Math Genie to help your children improve their grades and scholastic abilities today. 

Stay tuned, Parent's coding classes will be starting soon at Math Genie so You Can Code Too!


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