The Importance Of Learning Time Management

Posted by Christine Frederick on December 13, 2016

I think most of us have struggled with time management at some point in our lives. For me personally, it’s a very consistent problem that I struggle with. And if you’re a parent, you might be wondering how you can help prevent your children from experiencing this problem. Well, according to a recent story from CBS Boston, there may be a way that you as a parent can help your kids develop good time management skills.

The article reports on a new study from the University of Albany, which claims that there’s new evidence that you’re more likely to have issues with time management if you grew up with an erratic schedule. But if you grew up with your parents keeping you on a more consistent schedule, you’re more likely to be better with time management and focusing. So the takeaway from this is pretty simple, if you have kids (especially younger kids who are still developing) keep them on a consistent schedule with most things that they do.

The study, which surveyed almost 300 undergraduate students, found that having these kinds of regular routines will help kids feel safer and have clearer expectations about what they’ll be doing. The article says that even children who are part of families going through big changes like divorce can still be okay as long as their parents keep them on a routine.

And if you think about it, if you keep a child on a routine from a very young age, then they’ll get used to the idea and just continue to do it naturally when they get older. And having a schedule that you stick to every day is really the best way to manage your time well. If you’re child gets used to doing their homework at a certain time every day after they’re done with school and their extracurricular activities, then they shouldn’t have a problem getting done everything they need to do. It might not always work out perfectly, but generally speaking, it’s a good way to manage your time well. So if you’re a parent and this isn’t already something you’ve been doing with your child, I’d say that it’s worth at least trying out.



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