Should you limit the time your child spends in front of a screen?

Limiting a child’s screen time can have a great result on their behavior Christopher Mims a writer for the Wall Street Journal states.

How a Career at Math Genie Changed My Life

I still remember my first day at Math Genie like it was yesterday. Math Genie, the hidden gem I stumbled upon, has grown to become my second home.

The Power of a Good Teacher Student Relationship Lasts a Lifetime

Starting from an early age all the way up until children reach college, human beings are exposed to various teachers throughout their lives.

Anatomy of a Math Genie Math Class

One might wonder, what does a typical day in a math genie class entails! Our unique supplemental programs help children excel in Math English Reading PARCC

The Proper Way to Hold a Pencil

The proper way to hold a pencil is a skill set that follows a child all through life, it is extremely important that it is taught correctly at a young age

Steve Job's Kids Didn’t Have an iPad...Should Yours?

As Smartphone's become more popular it becomes a common occurrence to hand over your phone to your child. Studies show how this will affect your child.

Marshmallow Test- What does it say about your child?

The Marshmallow Test for years has been correlated with different qualities of individuals It consists of children choosing between small and large rewards

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