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    How Much is Too Much Extracurricular Activity

    It's important to keep balance in your kid's activities and down time. Many kids get stressed and overwhelmed from an overloaded schedule. These 3 tips will help you keep a balance.

    U.S. Students Require a Strong Focus on Advanced Math to Succeed in STEM

    As the world globalizes, the demand for STEM jobs is growing, but U.S. students are struggling to keep up with STEM requirements, especially across minorities.

    Young Child with Parent Learning to Swim

    Your Child Doesn't Want to Learn Swimming, Now What?

    So, your child wants to quit swimming lessons. On one hand, you don't want to force your child to do something they don't believe in. On the other hand, you know swimming is an important survival skill that can only enhance your child's life. How do you, as a modern parent, handle this impossible problem in a positive way?

    failing child

    Early Signs of Academic Disabilities

    If your child is lacking in these basic mental functions they will be far behind their classmates and might not finish schools. These are the functions we develop as toddlers and if your toddler is unable to meet these standards they will be struggling by the time they reach 3rd grade.

    Why to Enroll your Child in an After School Learning Program

    Find out how after school Math & Reading programs such as Math Genie can increase your Childs overall academic excellence.

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