what to do if your child is failing

What to Do if Your Child Is Falling Behind

A lot of parents notice too late when their child is falling behind. Many parents panic, blame their kid, themselves or the school. More parents even ignore it all together. But you can't do that if you want your child to succeed. If you have a failing student this is what you need to do.

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How Do You Know if Your Child is Falling Behind?

Every parent worries if their child is falling behind at school. If it's not caught early your child can be at a terrible disadvantage throughout their lives. What are the warning signs of a child falling behind in school? Find out what to look out for if you think your child is falling behind here.

children need to fail sometimes too

Your Child Needs to Fail in order to Grow

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Why is it then that so many parents do not understand that children, like everyone else, need to fail in order to grow? It is a harsh reality, which may be why so many are straying from it. But the truth is, you need to let your child fail.

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Early Signs of Academic Disabilities

If your child is lacking in these basic mental functions they will be far behind their classmates and might not finish schools. These are the functions we develop as toddlers and if your toddler is unable to meet these standards they will be struggling by the time they reach 3rd grade.

Evert child can defeat test anxiety and have great confidence in school

5 Steps to Eliminate Test Anxiety

Standardized test can cause a lot of anxiety. Much of this anxiety is unnecessary and easily avoided. Follow these steps to eliminate test anxiety in your child and yourself.

Dangers of helicoptering

Don't Be A Helicopter Parent

We all want to protect our children. Yet sometimes we have to learn to let them go. There are countless negative affects being a Helicopter Parent has on your child. As it turns out, hovering over your child will do more harm then good.

Use these tips to help your child with their math anxiety

What is Math Anxiety?

Math anxiety is centered on a fear of failure, but there are many different causes and triggers for the anxiety. Use these tips to help your child!

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