Handwriting Helps Students Succeed

Handwriting is Making A Come Back

How to increase your child's creativity and comprehension skills. Handwriting makes your student a better learner and improves focus and concentration

Aarush Writing Conest Winner

Fifth Grade Writing Champion: Aarush

Maybe technology is not as beneficial as people think. Are we really moving further apart from each other because of all of our technology? Aarush thinks so.

Grishmaa Writing Contest Winner

Fourth Grade Writing Champion: Grishmaa

Are siblings important? See what Grishma has to say.

Kritha Writing Contest Winner

Second Grade Writing Champion: Kritha

What is your happiest memory? This is what Kritha said

Sebastian Writing Contest Winner

Kindergarten Writing Champion: Sebastian

Why do you love your mom and dad? Sebastian said this...

Math Genie Writing Contest

Announcing Writing Contest Winners

Reading Genie offers reading and writing enrichment program for students as young as 4 years old. Check out some of our amazing writers from grades kindergarten to sixth grade! Will your child be the next Reading Genie Writing Champion?

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