has your child mastered 2nd grade language arts?

Has Your Child Met the Second Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards?

Did your child learn all their English Language Arts skills for second grade? In third grade, these Common Core skills will be getting more complex. If you are not sure what skills your child was supposed to learn this year, click here to find out what are the New Jersey second grade English Language Arts Common Core standards.

has your child learned all of second grade math?

Has Your Child Met the 2nd Grade Math Common Core Standards?

Has your child learned all of second grade math? At this level, your child is building more on what they learned in first grade by adding and subtracting larger numbers. They should know their times tables and will start division in third grade. Also basic conversions, money counting and more. Learn all of the second grade math Common Core standards and how to help your child succeed.

did your child master all the 1st grade langauge arts?

Has Your Child Met the 1st Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards?

Did your child learn all their language arts skills this year? The school year is coming to a close. Maybe your child has mastered everything in math but still does not understand syllables or verbs. In first grade these concepts are introduced and built upon in second grade. Learn more about the first grade English Language Arts Common Core standards. Is your child ready for next year?

has your child mastered first grade math. skills?

Has Your Child Met the 1st Grade Math Common Core Standards?

What exactly does your child need to master in their first grade math class? How will they be building on this next year in second grade? What if they don't understand their first grade math? These are all very common questions and Math Genie is here to help. We have been helping students and parents with Common Core math skills for over 10 years. Find out how to help your child today.

what does your child need for kindergarten

Has Your Child Met the Kindergarten Common Core Standards?

Are you wondering if your child has met all the benchmarks for kindergarten? In kindergarten, your child gets the groundwork for what they need for the rest of their school career. If there is a crack in that foundation, your child will be struggling with math, English Language arts, and other subjects for years. Find out the common core standards for kindergarten.

know whats going on in your kids school

Understanding Common Core: Benefits of the Common Core System

Public schools have embraced Common Core across the country. This set of academic standards has allowed every child to be on an equal playing field, no matter their background. It has also allowed exceptional students to excel. Stay tuned for a closer look at common core math, reading, and writing.

where is common core in the classroom?

Are Math Standards Pulling Away from Common Core?

The American math system has been struggling with common core for some time. In many elementary and middle schools in New Jersey, the math skills being taught are moving away from the common core method. Find out why and how to help your child master these common core math skills at Math Genie

why are math scores failing?

Why are Math Scores Dropping in America?

There is no question that math scores have been on the decline in America. Rather the question is why American math is failing. Some wonder if it's the new common core system. The fact is the math tools and math skills have changed over the generations as well as our home and health culture.

The PARCC is being phased out sooner than we thought

Standardized Testing & Graduation: From HSPA to NJSLA

The questions and concerns surrounding PARCC might finally be coming to a close. New developments say that PARCC will no longer be a graduation requirement for high school students. We are all eager to see what will happen next. Click here to learn more.

kids in america don't know math

Why Don't American Kids Learn Math?

Students in America have lower math skills then students in other countries. In fact, many 1st year American college students don't have basic Common Core math skills. American math learning style has gaps. Fortunately, through math tutoring programs, like Math Genie, your child can succeed in math.

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