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Juggling Soccer Balls and School Schedules

What does your child's schedule look like? It's essential for your child's development that they have intellectual, physical and emotional development. For this reason, your child needs equal study and playtime. It's important to know how to balance these and how they help your child grow.

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How to Help Your Child Connect With Their Inner Self

What does it mean for your child to find their inner self? When your child gets in touch with themselves they'll understand why they should always try their best. They feel accomplished and confident when they're able to solve their problems on their own. Help you child build confidence today.

meditation can have positive effects on your childs attention, grades, and mental health. Math Genie incorporated 5 minutes of yoga before every class

6 Reasons Why Meditating is Beneficial for Children and Pre-teens

Engage your child in meditating behaviors to increase their attention, bump up their grades in school, and overall better mental health!

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