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The Importance of Literacy: 3 Easy Steps for Reading Successfully

Literacy helps children to think in more sophisticated ways. For children to read efficiently there needs to be steps done to help with understanding texts

Handwriting and spelling are still essential tools for learning in this digital world

Handwriting and Spelling: Still Essential in a Digital World

Even though the digital age is giving children the power to use spell check, its important to know how important writing and spelling still is


Technology in Schools Good or Bad?

Is using technology beneficial in classrooms or can we see it as a greater disadvantage. An increase in technology can present challenges to children.

Why Drawing Is Important For Children

Drawing is important for children. From drawing a stick figure to putting splashes of color from the paint on their fingers, it should always be encouraged

The Paradox of Common Core Standards

Analysis of Common Core standards on the math english & writing success students have. This article discusses the way that the Core affects PARCC scores

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