Using an Abacus Can Improve Your Child’s Memory and Math Skills

Has your children been struggling with math? They learn new concepts such as multiplication, but seem to forget everything they have learned the next day?

What Is An IEP? And Does Your Child Need One?

IEP stands for Individualized Education Program According to an article from Very well, an IEP is a document given to children suffering from diasabilities

How Can We Help Kids Form Good Habits

Throughout our lives, we all will form different habits. Some may be bad habits that form unintentionally like biting your nails.

PARCC Results Are Released And They're Astonishing

New Jersey recently released the latest public school standardized test scores, according to

make children enjoy math.png

How to Make Your Child Enjoy Math

Do you often times feel yourself in a tug of war with your child when it comes to anything that is math related?

Performance in Math Among Boys & Girls Correlates to Gender Gap

For the past several years theres been a lot of research done on the gender gap among children in math performance. Are boys really doing better than girls?

At Math Genie we believe that any child can become a Math Genius

No such thing as being naturally good at Math.

Throughout our lives, we’ve all come across people who will tell us that they are either good at math or bad at math.


Should you limit the time your child spends in front of a screen?

Limiting a child’s screen time can have a great result on their behavior Christopher Mims a writer for the Wall Street Journal states.

Brain Development Using Mental Math

Does learning mental math really enhance your child's brain development? The answer to this is yes & the reasons behind this are very simple to understand

How is Social Media Impacting your Child?

As Smartphone’s and the access to internet becomes more common the use of social media continues to rise greatly.

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