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    has common core failed the students

    Is Common Core Failing?

    The NAEP reports for the 2017 testing season have been released and it is more proof that Common Core is failing


    Wait a Minute, PARCC Isn't Leaving Next Year?

    Repollet recently announced that this year will not be the last PARCC test for New Jersey. It is very possible that next year won't be the last test either. Here's why...

    PARCC is hurting schools and students

    What Does PARCC Really Mean for Your Student?

    PARCC is doing more harm then good. This is how PARCC is affecting your students, their graduation and their school's ranking.

    Evert child can defeat test anxiety and have great confidence in school

    5 Steps to Eliminate Test Anxiety

    Standardized test can cause a lot of anxiety. Much of this anxiety is unnecessary and easily avoided. Follow these steps to eliminate test anxiety in your child and yourself.

    NJ Governor-Elect Phil Murphy to end PARCC testing

    Goodbye PARCC. You won't be missed

    NJ Governor-Elect Phil Murphy is pushing to end PARCC testing. PARCC puts unnecessary and detrimental stress it puts on parents, students and teachers.


    How Important Is High Level Math To A Child's Future?

    As children, a lot of us often wondered how much value there is in a lot of what we learn about in school.


    Are PARCC Test Scores a Fair Assessment of Teacher Performance?

    So there's been a lot of talk in the news recently about the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC tests.

    PARCC Results Are Released And They're Astonishing

    PARCC Results Are Released And They're Astonishing

    New Jersey recently released the latest public school standardized test scores, according to

    The Power of a Good Teacher Student Relationship Lasts a Lifetime

    The Power of a Good Teacher Student Relationship Lasts a Lifetime

    Starting from an early age all the way up until children reach college, human beings are exposed to various teachers throughout their lives.

    The Paradox of Common Core Standards

    Analysis of Common Core standards on the math english & writing success students have. This article discusses the way that the Core affects PARCC scores

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