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    What Makes a Teacher Great?

    What is it that makes a teacher great? From living compassionately to thinking out of the box, teachers often have an everlasting impact on kids.

    Math Genie Class Reopening

    Math Genie Has Reopened for In-Person Classes

    Math Genie has reopened for in-person classes. Contact one of the centers about scheduling availability. Online classes will continue as we reopen.

    Worried Coronavirus Will Affect Your Child's Education? Fear Not -- Math Genie's Online Program Can Close the Gap!

    As COVID-19 brings schools to a standstill, and raises questions of how and what our children will learn, Math Genie is here with its new online solution!

    What Is Considered A Self-Regulated Learner?

    Research suggests that they make attainable yet challenging goals and are normally learning oriented rather than achievement oriented.


    Encouraging Positive Homework Behaviors Using PRIDE skills

    A component of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), PRIDE skills can be used to build positive behaviors in both children and parents.

    Spending time with your kids is essential to building unconditional positive regard and healthy relationships with them. It increases positive behaviors and build self-esteem

    Making “Special Time” For Your Children

    Every parent has two gifts that they are often unaware of: their time and their attention.


    Writing Exercises For Your Child That Don’t Involve Writing

    Have you ever thought about asking your child to write without explicitly making them put their thoughts down on paper?


    6 Steps to Motivate Your Child

    Learning can be fun and exciting, especially when it is well matched to your child’s interests and abilities.

    How To Solve U.S. Literacy Issues?

    How To Solve U.S. Literacy Issues?

    Growing up, I usually did a pretty good job with reading and writing in school. For the most part, English was my strongest subject.

    A Child With Autism Can Benefit From Receiving An IEP

    A Child With Autism Can Benefit From Receiving An IEP

    A child with autism may benefit from the programs given to children with an IEP This is a specific program intended to assist children with disabilities

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