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Give Your Child the Time and Space to be a Creative Writer

Do you want your child to be able to create and foster his or her imagination? You have to let them write.

Student Writers Need to Record Before They Can Write

If you want your child to master the art of writing, you have to record them telling a story before they can even begin the process of becoming a better writer.

Make your child an effective writer using tools such as brainstorming, outlines, and reading

Habits of an Effective Child Writer

What are the habits of an effective child writer? What are their rituals and routines that motive them and push them forward?

Why Successful Student Writers are Voracious Readers

Successful student writers are voracious readers. Not only are they voracious readers, but they are also extremely successful readers and this is often reflected in their testing scores. Why?


Make Writing Important by Letting Your Child Perform

You need to make writing an important part of your child’s life. They need to be able to perform their work.

Exercising the Writing Muscle— Activities to Stimulate Creativity

Do you need a quick way to stimulate your child’s creativity on a day where they are severely unfocused or uninspired? Bring them in to Math Genie to really get them rolling and then check out these ways to exercise the...

Math Genie students focusing on the fundamentals of literacy

The Importance Of Prioritizing Literacy

In the past fifteen years or so, there has been a huge push to get school-aged kids interested in STEM. The United States has a real issue with coming in second place for anything, so when it was reported that US...


Want to Get Your Kids Interested in Writing? Publish Their Work.

Most school-aged children find writing to be the most tedious task they could possibly do. For kids, writing requires too much planning, research, thought, and handwork to be worth the time. However, good writing...

What Is An IEP? And Does Your Child Need One?

IEP stands for Individualized Education Program (or Plan). According to an article from Very well, an IEP is basically a legal document given to children who suffer from disabilities. The purpose of the document is...

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