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What Does Self-Confidence Mean To Our Math Genie Students?

Posted by Christine Frederick on November 17, 2016

What does self-confidence mean to you? To me self-confidence means to be confident in all my abilities. It means to believe that I can and will do anything possible to excel in life and reach my goals. Being confident, as a child is essential to the development of their lives. We constantly look at others and wonder how to make ourselves better and judge ourselves based on others. As television and others influence children their self-confidence can be altered. It is important as a parent to teach children how to be self-confident and not judge themselves based on those that are around them.  

Build your childs self-confidence today!

There are some key ways to understand how as a parent being involved can help grow a child’sself-confidence. To begin love the ideas that they have. Any idea a child may have show your children that you love it, express your gratitude for it good or bad idea. Consider how you compliment your child, only praise when it is something not routine that they do. It can become repetitive and a child may become confused as to when something is actually worth celebrating. Lastly, keep your word as a parent if you say you are going to do something actually do it. It will make them feel as a child that they are worthy of to keep a promise to. A child will be satisfied when you follow through with promises even if it’s just a promise to spend time with them.

Here at Math Genie we believe in teaching children how be self-confident and understand that as long as they work hard they can excel at anything. I had the pleasure of asking several children what self-confidence means to them here are some of the responses I received:

  • “ I think self-confidence means to be confidant on your own, and without friends who are helping you be confident. “ Aman
  • “Self confidence to me is being able to trust, respect and be kind” David
  • “ I think that self confidence means that your can believe that anything is possible for you. You think that you can do anything in the world” Colin
  • “ Self-Confidence means that nobody can say I’m Stupid or dumb, or anything mean” Ann-Michelle
  • “ You are to be confident in yourself” Jayed

Being self-confident as a child is important, as parents it is often looked passed on how it will affect them in their development. It is essential to focus on this and do all that you can to make children understand that they are an amazing person just the way they are.




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