What's Wrong with Common Core?

Posted by Tiara Swinson on June 18, 2018

How can you help your child with his homework?If you are feeling frustrated and confused while trying to help your child with his homework, rest assured, you are not alone. Ever since New Jersey adopted Common Core Standards in 2010, there has been increased grumbling from parents and students. Under previous standards, regular memorization, formulas and charts was enough to understand and help your child with his math homework. However this new method or “new math” is pushing students to reason their way to answers. Now, on the surface this seems like a wonderful idea but in practice, it is actually causing a lot of trouble.

Abstract Math for First Graders

First it is incredibly difficult to teach abstract concepts to young students, some who have just begun learning to read. Because of this complexity, a math problem that would have taken pre-Common Core students 2 or 3 steps to solve is now taking your child 6 or 7 steps to solve. Common Core pushes children to dig deeper into why and how they got their answer. This type of mental dexterity is critical on a college level. Yet this brings us to the second reason Common Core is hurting us.

Parents Don’t Get It

Parents don’t understand Common Core. How is it possible to reshape education while leaving parents in the dust? Parents are heavily involved in their child’s education and academics. However, if you cannot understand your child’s homework how can you hope to help him? As your frustration builds over your child’s homework, he will see that and mimic that frustration. Now your child believes he cannot understand his homework because mom and dad, who are much smarter then him, cannot understand it. He will subconsciously count himself out unless he can get the proper support and understanding for Common Core.

When Your Child Doesn't Understand, He Fails

Where will he get this support? If he is struggling with his homework then there is something going on in the classroom that he does not or cannot understand. Perhaps there is not enough time during the school day to answer everyone’s questions. Perhaps there is too much focus on standardized tests, like PARCC, to delve into how to solve Common Core problems. Perhaps you child is shy and does not want the other kids to know he doesn’t understand the problem. Whatever the reason, if he is not getting support in school and if he is not getting understanding at home, what do you do?

Math Genie Will Help

Math Genie has been helping students and parents with Common Core for years. Our individualized approach finds and targets the specific area your child is struggling with. The one-on-one attention the child receives plus feedbacks parents get after every class ensures that there is no more confusion with Common Core. We are able to teach children abstract concepts like number theory and modular arithmetic through the abacus. The hands on, multi-sensory approach is how Math Genie makes Math Fun. The success of our students is what drives us. That and the promise to give your child a full and bright future is how Math Genie will make the best difference in your child’s life.


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