Excel in reading and writing comprehension

What will your child learn

This program is perfect for children ages 7-11. The following topics will be covered while your child attends a weekly two hour session:

  • Focus on comprehension in a book-club like setting
  • Enhance writing skills
  • What’s the main idea of a book
  • Characterization of the story
  • Sequencing-putting stories in order of how they happened
  • Summarizing/Retelling of a story
  • Vocabulary skills



  • Small classroom size
  • Awesome teachers 
  • In-person feedback
  • Peer-feedback
  • Individualized lesson plans



  • More prepared for standardized tests
  • Become accomplished writers
  • Enhanced reading comprehension
  • Mastery over laguage arts 
  • Better understanding of word patterns




"You get to meet the teachers after each session and discuss feedback and areas of improvement. My kids are more interested in math and reading and have fun learning. Well done Math Genie!" -Benneaser John




"My 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son both joined Reading Genie over 5 months ago and have made great improvements. My daughter likes going to her Genie class and is better in writing script now. My son didn't know his letters when he joined and now is writing 3-4 letter words. Both their teachers are very good. They give feedback at the end of every class which helps them focus on the area they need improvement on. Definitely recommend to other parents." -Arthy S.


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Success Stories

Max's parents enrolled him in Reading Genie so that he could write fluent sentences. Within six months, Max has become an accomplished writer. Check out his essay on "What are you grateful for." 
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Meet The Staff

  • Ms Vivian - New Jersey

    Ms Vivian

  • Ms Kim - New Jersey

    Ms Kim

  • Ms Sadia - New Jersey

    Ms Sadia

  • Ms Julia - New Jersey

    Ms Julia

  • Ms Tiffany - New Jersey

    Ms Tiffany

  • Ms Niralee - New Jersey

    Ms Niralee

  • Ms Lydia - New Jersey

    Ms Lydia

  • Ms Rima - New Jersey

    Ms Rima

What Parents Say

  • "I enrolled my son in this program because he was struggling in math and after a few months his grades have gone from failing to ALL A’s. The school has even given him the confidence to do better in other classes."

    Leon Daley

  • "My first-grade daughter has been enrolled in Math Genie since October 2015. She grasped the concepts very quickly, and I believe it has a lot to do with Math Genie being"fun" for her."

    Dana Hunter

  • "My daughter was struggling with 5th grade math. I enrolled her into Math Genie and within weeks I noticed positive changes."

    Denise Aldridge

  • "My 9yr old daughter and 5yr old son both joined Reading Genie over 5 months ago. Both have made great improvement."

    Arthy S

  • “The teacher’s are engaging. My son’s teacher will try whatever she can to make sure he gets the concepts. She’s awesome."


Discover Our Success Stories

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    "5 minute daily mentals leads to acceptance into NYC's Gifted and Talented Program."

  • Skipped Grade In Charter School

    "Child struggling with speech issues at 2 receives admission into top charter school in Newark and skips a grade."

  • Most Improved Student

    "Most Improved Student."

  • Top Score In Terra Nova

    "From struggling to among the best in the country."

  • Short Story Writing Winner

    "Wins 1st Prize in Short Story Contest for 6th Grade in Linwood Middle School."

  • Won President Award

    "Winner of President's Educational Excellence Award."

At Math Genie, we have had over thousands of satisfied parents since 2008.
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