Using an Abacus Can Improve Your Child’s Memory and Math Skills

Posted by Madhuri Ray on November 16, 2016

Have you noticed your children have been struggling with math? They learn new concepts such as multiplication, but seem to forget everything they have learned the next day? Are you searching for ways to improve your child’s memory so they excel in school? Then the solution is here.

Memory could single handedly be, if not the most important, functionMath Genies abacus program will improve your childs memory and math skillss of ones brain. Compared to adults, children’s brains are growing each and every day. Memory is associated with every aspect of our life whether it’s long term or short term. Memory is basically ones organization and filing cabinet sector of the brain. Without memory people would not be able to learn the tasks needed to complete activities in their daily lives. Think about it like this, your brain is responsible for many different things. On one hand your brain ensures your body does important things such as breathe, sleep, and blink and on the other hand your brain helps you remember when you’re studying for a test, or helps you learn how to play a sport. One’s brain is responsible for every decision and communications that are made. I’m sure you realize the importance of strengthening your brain and memory.

That being said we’re faced with the ever so important question? How can one improve their child’s memory, especially when it comes to improving skill sets in math. The answer lies in understanding what working and visual spatial working memory is. So what exactly is working memory? The ability to store and manage information in one’s mind for a short period of time Visual spatial working memory on the other hand is memory that is associated with what you see in your daily lives. This type of memory is the memory that directly correlates to your child’s performance in math. There are many ways to boost and improves one’s working memory. That’s where the abacus comes into play. The abacus is one of the oldest calculation tools that exists. Often time’s it has been overlooked, because people do not realize how powerful of a tool it truly is. The abacus is a tool with columns of beads that can be used to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Click here to view a video on how to use the abacus. 

The device itself is fairly simple to use, but the long lasting effects it has are truly beneficial and will last a life-time. The reason why the abacus works in improving memory is it focuses on visualization. “The data is quite compelling that visual spatial working memory is strongly related to mathematical performance” 

“In a ground breaking new study Joonkoo Park & Elizabeth Brannon (2013), found that the most powerful learning occurs when we use different areas of the brain. When students work with symbols, such as numbers, they are using a different area of the brain than when they work with visual and spatial information, such as an array of dots. The researchers found that mathematics learning and performance was optimized when the two areas of the brain were communicating (Park & Brannon, 2013)” That is exactly how the abacus works. The abacus and its beads provide a visual representation for children to utilize when they are doing problems. The hand movements and methods ultimately cause more synapses to form in the brain, and the more connections that are made, the greater level of learning that is taking place. The abacus is not only improving working memory but it also makes math, fun and exciting for a child.

Math Genie is an amazing abacus based program that truly improves your child’s working and visual spatial memory. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone that has children and truly wants to see them succeed. So what are you waiting for, go schedule your free assessment today!





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