Why Doesn't the School Teach Proper Grammar?

Posted by Staff Writer on July 30, 2018

this child doesn't  know grammar, does yours?Why not Grammar?

Trends in education are always changing from year to year. One trend that has become alarmingly popular is the lack of grammar being taught in schools. Your child may get the basics of grammar in elementary school, but as they move up in grades, the skill becomes lost. Why is this happening? Let's look more into detail about why the school won't teach your child proper grammar. 

Grammar and Language Arts

Grammar is the basic structure of a language. Knowing the foundation of a language can help your student learn tasks such as writing essays. Language arts is a combination of literature, reading, composition, and spelling that help grow your child's understand of language and grammar, as well as helping them use oral and written language. 

Why isn't it being taught in school?

Generally speaking, grammar is no longer regarded as a need in many schools. It has been on a slow decline for years, although the effects of it not being taught are being noticed by many at this point in time. The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) started discouraging grammar being taught in schools, by 1985. A switch was made to focus more on language arts than grammar.

Why should My Child Know Proper Grammar and Language Arts?

Your child needs to know proper grammar and language arts to be an effective writer. Also, if you child is lacking in grammar and language arts, their reading comprehension will be very low. Many students struggle with reading comprehension because they lack the knowledge needed to understand the stories they read. This knowledge is primarily found in understanding proper grammar and language arts. 

What You Can Do

If you notice that your child is struggling with grammar, you can help them by giving them mini-lessons and practice sheets on what they need help with. If your child writes run-on sentences frequently in their essays, go over with them what a complete sentence is versus a run on, and give them samples to correct. Even if the school won't teach your child grammar, you can help your child out with grammar at home. Math Genie's English Language Arts program is also a great resource to teach your child grammar. The 7 cores of reading comprehension are taught in this program: Phonics, Spelling, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Language Arts, Reading, and Writing. Sign your child up today!






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