Announcing Writing Contest Winners

Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 07, 2018

Math Genie Writing ContestIntroducing Math Genie’s First Writing Contest! 

On Sunday February 18th, Math Genie had its first writing contest and boy was it a hit! Our writers ranged from kindergarten all the way through 7th grade with over 30 participants!

Each grade had a topic to write about there were judged on 3 aspects of their writing. First was focus, how well the writer stayed on topic. Next, our judged checked that the vocabulary used was suitable for their grade level. Finally the writers were judged on spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

The topics varied by grade as the prompts varied in difficulty depending on the grade.

Our Kindergarten students told us why they love their mom and dad. The second grade students told us their happiest memory. The third grade writers described what it would be like to be famous, if they would enjoy it or not. The fourth grade students explained why siblings are important (or why they aren’t). Lastly, our fifth, sixth, and seventh grade writers discussed whether technology brings people closer or pushes them further apart. 

And the Winners Are…

For  Kindergarten: Sebastian. Check out his essay here.

For Second Grade: Kritha. See her work here.

For Third Grade: Caroline. See her essay here.

For Fourth Grade: Grishmaa. See her paper here.

For Fifth Grade: Aarush. Check out his discussion here.

This was our first contest but because it was so successful we are already planning the next one to take place in just a few months. The kids had such a blast showing off their incredible writing skills. Of course our parents and teachers were beaming with pride at how magnificent our writers are and have far they’ve come. With Reading Genie many of these young students haven gone from shy and soft spoken to loud and proud, and who wouldn’t be proud of success like this?  Let’s give it up for all of our Reading Geniuses!

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